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Dear Future Me, 

I’ve been dying to write you before but now I have the guts to. The truth is I’m scared of you. I’m afraid of you. I fear that someday you’ll blame me for not being a better person of today. I fear that someday you’ll look back in time and tell me how stupid my decisions are and how dumb for me to think that life is just this easy. I fear that someday you’ll regret that you pass through me. And all those fears are crumpled inside me and I don’t wanna face you. But look at me now, I have the confidence to talk to you. And I just wanna tell you that I love you even though I haven’t meet you yet. I know that when I reached that state, I’ll be so proud that I became that person. I know that my dreams will come true and you’ll be the one benefiting all my hard work—and you’ll do better. I love you and I’m excited to meet you. :)

Love, Present Me

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